Autorouting in Ships Using Computational BIM

The SPAR3D Conference next week brings together a diverse group of 3D technologists. In preparation for that event, we wanted to demonstrate an example of autorouting and automodeling that tests geometric complexity and congestion. Here's what we came up with.

If you look at the top of the page, you'll find an image of a tug boat engine room. Within that image, you'll see a large diameter conduit that we've automodeled using GenMEP, our autorouting add-on to Autodesk Revit. The point cloud of this ship was imported into Revit but the complexity of the ship and engine room were not modeled. Using GenMEP, we identified a start point and an end point within the cloud and the conduit was automodeled without clashes.

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Generative Design Solutions for MEP Systems

The AEC industry is at a critical juncture in history. Building information modeling (BIM), cloud computing, and the growing sophistication of our building products have created the perfect environment for a new era. This is "The Era of Connection," a disruptive time when design, construction, and operational processes will be radically changed. At BuildingSP, we're working to leverage these concepts and revolutionize BIM.

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The Beginning of the End of Clash Detection

Job sites all over the world use clash detection to report on the errors that occur as architects, engineers, and contractors create 3D models for buildings. Every clash report includes tens of thousands of these errors, and the clash detection process can take months or years. The errors are so prolific that they test our abilities to fix and correct them. But BuildingSP has a solution. We want you to imagine your BIM workflows without clash detection and consider what that would change.

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