BIM Pros: Making Numbers Tell a Story

This post is about numbers and how we as virtual design and construction (VDC) practitioners can use them more effectively. If you're a BIM professional, imagine walking into your next annual review and saying a statement similar to one or more of the following:

·     "I was personally responsible for leading coordination of $45,201,030 of MEP systems on projects last year."

·     "I led VDC efforts on five potential projects, and of those projects we were awarded four of them."

·     "In the past year, I've produced 524 sheets of shop drawings in support of field crews. This work supported 10,233 man hours of field work."

·     "I modeled, detailed, and supported $25,250,450 worth of plumbing installation in the past year."

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The Engineering of BIM

One of the most important concepts that I learned in college was a very specific definition of the word "engineering." I don't remember exactly where I first heard this definition, but I seem to recall it was an offhand remark made about the profession by a seminar lecturer. I like it because it is simple yet comprehensive in how it can be applied. Here is my definition of engineering:

Engineering is the use of math, science, and technology to optimize a solution to a problem.

There is a tool set that we use – math, science, and technology – to solve a problem in an optimized way. The focus is on a solution and the tool set makes it the best solution.

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