The Missing Discussion in Construction Labor Productivity

The historical trend of labor productivity is oft-referenced in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. In a nutshell, construction productivity over the last 50 years has been nearly flat while all other similar industries have had robust gains. Stanford University’s Dr. Paul Teicholz has a detailed analysis of this trend. Construction Industry Resources, LLC has a similar viewpoint, and the consulting company McKinsey adds their take. But there's one discussion that we think is important to note because it is an integral part of our industry and deserves more discussion.

We're adding tech to the AEC industry that improves workflow productivity, but where are the overall productivity gains?

As an industry, we need to discuss this problem so that we're adding technology in ways that realize value for our stakeholders. Consider the technology we've added to the AEC industry over the last 50 years:

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Why Venture Capital Will Revolutionize Construction

It is nearly impossible to talk about technology without talking about venture capital (VC). For the past several decades, venture capital has been nearly synonymous with tech financing, particularly for startups. Now that the tech sector has crossed over into the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) space, we think VC is on course to revolutionize the industry. Following are the top four reasons VC will have a huge impact on AEC.

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Women in Construction: What We Can Learn From Aer Lingus

We were recently watching a YouTube video that documented the first flight by Aer Lingus from Dublin, Ireland to Los Angeles International Airport. The flight was conducted on a new Boeing aircraft, and the cinematography was stunning as the airplane crossed the Atlantic Ocean into the continental United States. In addition to being the first Aer Lingus flight on that route, it was also a flight crew that was comprised entirely of women. We wondered what the analogy would be for the construction industry. What is construction's equivalent of an all-woman flight crew for a long-haul airline route?


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