About MoveAEC

MoveAEC is the blog of BuildingSP, a software development company. Here's a brief history of this site and the content that you find here.

In late 2015, we started writing about building information modeling (BIM). As we'd work and talk with people about BIM, we would often think, "Wow - we should write a blog post about that because we think it might be helpful to people." And so we started to write about BIM and posting content, mostly to LinkedIn where some articles have had many thousands of views, likes, and shares. The hundreds of projects we've touched, the many people we've met, and the technology that we both develop and use mean we have a unique amount of domain expertise.

This blog is split into four categories: Strategy, People | BIM, Insights, and Disruption / Innovation. Here is a description of each of these sections:


Strategy is the process of defining potential scenarios and making decisions that maximize the potential for systemic success. In the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, strategy is a fascinating topic because of the curious market dynamics we experience and how it affects innovation. We most often think of strategy in terms of winning new work, maintaining our competive advantages, or managing innovation into the future so we don't get caught short. Read more...

People | BIM

Any process that involves people is complicated. BIM is a particularly complicated process because it involves the intersection of involves people, technology, and projects. The combination of these three things makes it a fascinating study in implementation, management, and innovation. Each component is dynamic and ready to present BIM users with unique challenges at every turn. Many of our posts touch on the challenge of managing these three components in various processes, situations, and scenarios. Read more...


Insights are experiences that have distilled themselves into statements that are useful, generally applicable, and not readily apparent. Sometimes, we arrive at them when two very disparate thoughts connect and give us a new perspective. James Altucher, a well-regarded blogger, calls this "idea sex." Others are perspectives from articles or media, either connected to AEC or not. Read more...

Disruption / Innovation

Finally, Disruption / Innovation chronicles the related topics of innovation and disruption. Innovation is partially a project management experience, where value is created in a unique and often creative way. Disruption is related because it occurs when someone has an innovation and others do not. AEC is ripe for both innovation and disruption. We write about both. Read more...


We welcome the contributions of others, either as linked media or as unique content. If you want to get involved with posting to MoveAEC.com, email moveaec@buildingsp.com.